Myths and Facts

Myth: The older you get, the more sleep is necessary.

Fact: Our need of sleep does not change when we age. The elder might end to wake up more often, but still need the same amount of sleep than younger people.

Myth: Restless sleep helps us loose weight.

Fact: Little sleep gives us an oppurtunity to eat more, which causes a higher insulin production/usage that can lead to diabetes.

Myth: We don’t dream every night.

Fact: We do dream every night, but sometimes cannot remember about what.

Myth: A human being can sleep on stock.

Fact: Deconcentration rises when not having slept long enough.

Myth: Sleeplessness has no effects on psycholgical disorders such as depression.

Fact: Indeed it does, which also includes disorders such as insomnia, hypertension etc.

Myth: People who have sleep disorders should take many naps.

Fact: This method does help, but only in a few case. The sleep pressure cannot be put up correctly and falling asleep is more complicated.

Myth: Sleep deprivation is not that important for a good life quality.

Fact: People who suffer feel agitated, agressive, irritated and might even have fatal insomnia. Lack of sleep is definitely life threatening.

Myth: We only need 6-7h of sleep

Fact: Everyone has periods of short sleep even when functioning well, but it makes people sick if sustained for decades.

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