Your stay at our clinic

What am I expecting?

An overnight stay at the sleep clinic… – it is definitely more exciting than it sounds. This is a test you cannot fail!


Your sleep examination usually takes place in the evening. We focus on planning your overnight stay at your own pace: Night owls can come later, early birds earlier. We are always open for your own individual wishes by letting us know in advance. Once the formalities are done, you have time to make yourself comfortable in your room.

The evening

You have the option to order dinner when you arrive before 7pm. The costs are on our house. If you come in later, you are definitely free to eat out in a restaurant before the sleep study begins. We want our patients to have a comfortable stay at our clinic, so be free to make yourselves at home. A glass of wine along with a good TV show or book might help the spirit.

After having settled down, a trained specialist or nurse will begin calibrating and controlling the maschine you will be attached to during the night. Afterwards, we will commence with the cabling process which is provided with sensors/electrodes that measure your brainwaves and electric signals throughout the body. It might sound a bit creepy, but we can guarantee that there is nothing to worry about. Our experience shows, that the scale measuring is harmless and only affects our patients insignificantly. If you are still unsecure: studies have shown that patients who have had an unrestful sleep during the first night, have become accustomed no later than second night.

The night

During the nighttime, the lab is just as busy as in the daytime. If you want to smoke or use the restroom, just give us a signal by switching on the nightlight beside your bed. A staff member will come immediately. It only takes us a few moments to unhook you from the maschine. Your short “break” does not interfere with the sleep study in any way.

The next morning

We let you decide at what time to wake up. Usually we recommend 6:30 A.M, because this is the time most people get up on a normal weekday. If your sleep disorder concerns waking up very late e.g 10 A.M, this would be exceptional. Results take about 10 days to two weeks of processing. They will either be sent by e-mail or you can arrange a meeting with Dr. Schneider to talk about them.

Depending on how urgent or severe your problems are, we can arrange a further sleep study on the day after your first sleep study. It is not necessary  to wait in the clinic until your study begins. In the meantime you have the choice to use your freetime in whatever way you want. Patients who have a second overnight stay can leave their belongings here and come back in the evening. Patients who suffer under obstuctive sleep apnea, use the CPAP treatment.

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