Costs and Billing

Cost transparency

In most causes, your stay at the American Sleep Clinic in Frankfurt is to be payed by private health insurance companies and/or benefit departments. Just to make sure, we usually send our patients a copy of our residence contract. You can then clarify the assumption of costs with your private health insurance company and if necessary submit benefits office.

No surprises

Concerning therapeutic benefits, there are some differences between insurance rates. To ensure that your treatment is cost transparent, which can also be initiated quickly, you will receive all the necessary documents to the previous clarification of reimbursement.

Reimbursement for private insurance

Government insured patients who have a stationary insurance for a chief physician treatment can also be treated at our clinic- in this case it would be advisable to clarify the previous assumption of costs with your health insurance on the basis of our recording contract. Legally insured patients can be treated at us as by paying themselves according to the medical fee schedule. International patients can be treated at us according to GOÄ. Some private US insurance companies can be billed directly.

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